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07: Tech Addiction – Some Parenting Guidance on this Pressing Childhood Epidemic

By April 16, 2018November 1st, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast
07: Tech Addiction - Some Parenting Guidance on this Pressing Childhood Epidemic

In this episode, I discuss the documentary Screenagers and the silent addiction epidemic that we are facing as a society.

I had been wanting to attend a screening of Screenagers and was coincidentally invited to be a panelist at a private school in my home city. Needless to say, I had a pit in my stomach as I watched the reality of what we are facing in terms of screen addiction and how it affects our kids and ourselves, frankly.

The documentary validates much of what I teach when it comes to looking for a quick pleasure fix in the form of a screen. The movie includes the latest research in neuroscience and how screens affect our dopamine receptors in the same way as hard drugs. When our kids grow up on screens, we are literally hardwiring them for drug addiction. Super scary.

I happen to love technology myself. It’s the reason why I can create a podcast and share it with you. I struggle with many of the issues mentioned in the film and I think that what many of us can take away from the film and the subsequent conversation is that we are entering uncharted territory. Rules and regulations are needed and right now we are educating, increasing awareness and beginning the conversations that must happen to keep our kids safe in this new virtual reality surrounding childhood.

I share my thoughts on how to handle adopting tech rules in your household as well as how to conduct a productive conversation with your kids about this. And as always remember that whether it’s technology, sleep, food, school work or whatever the subject concerning your family, the steps are to:

  1. Adopt a set of rules
  2. Repeat them often
  3. Follow through consistently.

Technology rules that are productively communicated is a great example of how to set your family up for success rather than constant fighting and stress surrounding this very present modern issue.

Topics covered:

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