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13: How to talk to your kids to help prevent school shootings

By May 28, 2018November 1st, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast
13: How to talk to your kids to help prevent school shootings

Living in a world where gun violence has become a possibility in the average kid’s school day…parents want to know what we can do and how to keep our kids safe.

In this episode, I’m having a conversation with Danielle from The Silver Lining Mamas private FB group about school shootings. We recorded this episode the day of the school shooting in Indiana which happened to take place 20 minutes from Danielle’s house. Danielle had reached out to me about what we can do as moms to contribute to the solution and how we can empower ourselves and our children to help create a safer America.

Yes, most of us want stricter gun laws. Yes, we are scared and frankly, pissed that our kids are growing up with the reality that they aren’t even safe at school. Yes, many of us take to the soapboxes about these injustices and fight for reform. AND here is also something we can do in each and every one of our homes…we can change our conversations around the table and raise our kids to be part of the solution. Kindness counts.

I came up with an easy way to impact our kids by infusing courage and empathy into our daily dinner conversations. Click here to get the cheat sheet with my 3 simple conversation starters

Topics Covered

  • School shootings

  • Empathy

  • What moms can do in our homes to change the climate by changing the conversations around our dinner tables

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