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The New Year’s A-Comin…

By December 18, 2015December 18th, 2022Parenting the Strong Willed Child, Uncategorized

What will you vow to change, improve or put to rest in 2016? For good.

Is it a functional addiction that you pretend isn’t a big deal, like smoking a few secret cigs a day, or the 5pm glass of wine that turns into 3?

Are you sick of that feeling of dread when you have to get dressed up because you don’t feel good in your clothes?

Are you tired of life moving forward while you seem stuck in quicksand?

Do you lay your head down at night with a pit in your belly about the person, mother, friend, sister, wife you showed up as that day?

Are you ready to enjoy more connected, fulfilling relationships with the people in your life that matter most?

I know that many folks poo-poo New Year’s Resolutions, but hear me out on this…..

Why not use the fresh new year to fully get into the driver’s seat of your life and start making’ some magic?

I think the reason New Year’s Resolutions have become passe for many is because we haven’t been all that successful in the past and we would rather not even attempt something when there is a high likelihood that we won’t succeed.

Truthfully, the New Year’s Resolution Board of Directors has done a terrible job marketing the tools we need to achieve our lofty goals beginning Jan 1st.

People, never fear….I have some great resources to help you in 2016!

First, can we be adults? Can I really level with you?

Can we start here and just expose the truth? Sorry Mr Slick Advertising Man, but I have to call you out for the sake of the people.

Creating a different reality involves some discomfort, a shift in routine and, yes, dare I say it aloud…..hard work.

To create lasting change, you must lean into the INITIAL discomfort and commit to a forty day ritual so you can successfully create a new pattern.
*(The other secret is that it gets easier by about day four, as the feel-good chemicals that accompany accomplishment begin to flood your body.)

Why forty days to create a new pattern in your life?

·       The number forty holds tremendous spiritual significance in the realm of transformation.

·       Moses and his people traveled through the desert for forty years before arriving at their home in the Holy Land.

·       Noah preserved life by sailing his ark for forty days and forty nights, saving his family and the animals.

·       According to the Kabbalah, it takes forty days to ingrain a new pattern into our system.

·       The Buddha reached enlightenment after meditating and fasting for forty days.

·       There is also a scientific rationale. Research has shown that we create new neural pathways after repeating a ritual for forty days, resulting in new patterns of thinking and behavior.

·       And finally, when you set a resolution for the new year, day forty lands on Feb 9th – a day symbolizing love, kindness and all that is right in the world. ( It also happens to be Cory Rubenstein’s 10th birthday and maybe it’s just that HE represents all those things to me, but go with it!)

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                                                                                                      (This is why he calls me Beverly Goldberg.)



*This is where I do yoga, here in Houston. This program is a 40 day practice and begins Jan 18, 2016.

To me, there is not a better bang for the buck than practicing yoga.  After an hour yoga class I feel like I have just gotten a great cardio sweat; muscle strengthening; worked on my core/abs; balanced my neurological system with deep breath; gotten my daily dose of meditation; a massage for my tight shoulders, hamstrings and hips; a non-competitive, supportive community; an endorphin high and an amazing tool to fight my addiction prone brain.

I am going to offer a few complimentary phone classes that I will let y’all know about in the coming weeks with more tips and tools to help you get your kids to be more cooperative, appreciative and respectful in the coming year.  You deserve that from them.

Wishing you and yours an amazing holiday season and a 2016 filled with exciting possibilities!

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