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Ouch…Sometimes Learning Hurts!

I love this quote.

I think it completely “nails” it.

My kids have definitely represented this concept for me.

It feels like my kids are constantly teaching me a new lesson in the curriculum of motherhood.

Most of the time, they take turns playing teacher but every once in a while they seem to gang up and team teach when it’s a really important topic.

Years ago, I wouldn’t have been open to receiving these lessons.

I simply wasn’t ready at that time.

I had to learn Addition before I was ready for Algebra, Trig or Pre-Cal.

Lately, I think some force “out there” has decided that I’m ready for the advanced classes.

This type of rigorous learning can be a real ass kicker.

Here was my latest lesson over breakfast on a typical Tuesday morning:

‘Randi:  When you guys grow up, what do you think you will criticize about me?

Cory:  I think you talk bad about people and it’s not nice.

Avery:  Ya, Mom.  Sometimes you bring things up long after they are resolved and it’s kind of annoying.  It’s like you are holding a grudge and you really need to get over things more quickly.

Randi:  Really?  I do that?  I feel like I used to be “that” person but now I feel so positive and like I really try to see the good in people.

Tag Teamers:  Well you really need to try harder.  It is rude and we don’t like to hear bad things about people.  Sometimes people do things that will make you mad but you don’t have to keep thinking and talking about it.

Randi:  Good point.  I am going to work on that and do a better job.  I don’t want to be the Debbie Downer.  I don’t want to be that person.’

End of conversation.

I could pick this convo apart and argue it and believe me, I had the urge.


And my version of the truth goes something like, “Their brains remember old memories.  That is who I used to be.  That is not who I am today.”

And Cory is the kid that has a real problem when AT&T talks bad about Verizon on commercials.

So there’s that.

But THEIR truth or perception is what they relayed to me that Tuesday morning before school.

So I chose to listen and hear them and take the lesson to heart rather than argue my version of the truth.

Believe me, my ego wanted to force them to hear my version… but I resisted.

And of course my ego wants me to do anything but write to y’all and tell you about it.

However, I think this is important and helpful in keeping me accountable as I really try to embody becoming the person I want to be.

This lesson is definitely a hard one to hear and learn.

I am human.

I am trying.

That’s all any of us can do.

Thanks for listening and being my accountability partner.

I’m happy to return the favor.


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