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Your “Home” Team

Home team

Dear Parental Units (isn’t that an 80’s movie reference – God, I loved the 80’s),

Many of you have asked about the print version of my book, Am I Screwing Up My Kids? and I want to let you know there is some good and some not as good news…

The good news is that it is being published by a fancy NYC publisher and they will be stocking it at Barnes & Noble, airport bookstores and other book retailers.

The less good news is the process involves some red tape and is taking way longer than I initially anticipated.  It will be out in print “sometime” in 2017.

I truly want to thank each and every one of you that has supported me in this project by reading, spreading the word on Facebook or even with a few words of encouragement.

Writing and “putting myself out there” has felt a lot like that recurring naked-school-dream. (Or maybe that wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat-nightmare is unique to me?)

The whole process has been an exercise in vulnerability for sure.

I have experienced some negativity and the fears that typically keep us from sharing “nakedly” have come true in certain respects.

AND…guess what, I’m alive to report that all of YOUR positive energy has helped me to counter any fears that have been validated by“haters” and those that aren’t in my 1/3 tribe.

I will keep writing and putting my truth out there because I see it helping families and that’s my underlying reason and “why” I do it.

There will be more books, articles, speaking and teaching in my future and I’m really excited about sharing my messages and helping more families.

Speaking of my messages, I want to talk about the name of my book, Am I Screwing Up My Kids?:  Tools to stay calm, cool, connected and change patterns.

Whenever I say the name, “Am I Screwing Up My Kids?”, I usually get a few chuckles.

This never offends me because I chose the name for a very specific reason.

I wanted to start  “the conversation” by exposing the giant pink elephant in the tutu hiding in the corner of our households.

Even though, we aren’t necessarily going around town, shouting from the rooftops on Facebook, about secretly worrying that we might be screwing up our greatest assignment in life, raising our people…LOTS of us have this troubling thought deep down.

It stems from the repetition of damaging patterns that we never meant to repeat because they felt crappy to us when we were kids.

Usually the old patterns involve parenting with fear, threats, bribes, yelling and possibly checking out by numbing ourselves to feel better with food, alcohol, prescription drugs, shopping, scrolling through social media, shopping, gossiping…and the list literally goes on and on.

Notice I said shopping twice…uhhhh, guilty as charged!

The real antidote to changing old patterns and feeling better is about being truly engaged and feeling connected in your most important relationships.

We all share a deep love for our kids.

We are literally hard wired as humans for meaningful connections.

The focus of my work and my signature program, “Closing The Conscious Parenting Gap:  Tools to change damaging patterns and keep your cool during heated moments with your kids”, is about retraining your brain and releasing old destructive patterns that sabotage positive family connections.

I have systems that involve REALLY taking action to change patterns so you can stop yelling, numbing or whatever you do that leaves you secretly worrying about screwing up your kids.

Couples are joining the same team and marriages are healing.

Their children are enjoying way more giggles than tears these days.

Parents are realizing that it takes work to be a cohesive home team – where every player is incredibly valuable and the parents set the tone to have a great “season”.

How’s your current season going?  Here’s how you can work with me:

1.     Email me and I will send you an application to be considered for my 1:1 VIP program or to be added to the current waitlist

2.     Email me if you are interested in learning about my 2 day workshops starting as early as November (limit:  10 participants)

3.     Read my book:

Love Randi


About Randi:

Randi Rubenstein is an author and parent coach who helps parents stay calm and think clearly during triggered moments with their kids to change unhealthy patterns – including ones that were passed down through the generations.  Her nurturing, no-nonsense programs focus on shifting the dominant parenting methods of yesteryear involving fear, threats and yelling, to a nurturing and assertive approach that leaves no room for guilt or worry that you are screwing up the most important role of your life – raising your kids.

Randi believes connection not perfection is the goal.  She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband of 20 years, their 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 part-time cats. To find out about her book and programs on this topic visit

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