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The Yellow Brick Road to a Happier Home in 2017

By December 29, 2016December 15th, 2022Parenting the Strong Willed Child, Uncategorized
The Yellow Brick Road to a Happier Home in 2017

2017…UGH…I mean, YAY!

My kids will turn 19, 16 and 11 in 2017.

Even though I love many elements of this stage of family life, there is always a part of me that wants them to be 7, 4 and fresh outta the oven.

Last night I got a little teary while watching a funny sitcom, The Goldbergs, with my family.

I tried to hide my surprise attack of tears by thinking about EVERYTHING else.

It was the Hanukkah episode and there was a moment between Beverly, the mom and her teen daughter at the end of the episode.

Beverly decided to be honest and admit how much she missed the days when her little girl just wanted to dress up and perform for her mama.

Erica, the surly but good hearted teen daughter, empathized with her mom. They had a heartfelt moment quietly remembering back on the childhood magic of yesterday that the two of them shared.

You could sense the beautiful memories between both mother and daughter in that quick scene on the show.

Right now, you may feel far away from being a parent of a teen child.

I know some of you might feel mired down in the not so beautiful moments with your kiddos in your current reality.

Trust me, I have those not so great moments too.

As I try to embrace the next year involving 19, 16, and 11, I invite you to join me as we work together to make 2017 the best memory making year yet.

If your home is filled with tension, harsh words and loneliness, this is your year to kick that less than awesome vibe to the curb.

It may be time to transform your household.

It can be hard to face a difficult reality and get honest with yourself.

The truth is – you and your kids DESERVE a happier home environment and need it to do all the magnificent things you are meant to do in this life.

Next, it’s all about the plan and taking baby action steps to improve things.

I’ve got your back – Read my stuff.  Connect with me on Facebook.  Listen to my free resources.  I’ve created “not boring parenting courses” (Say what?!? Does such a thing even exist?)

Enroll if you feel called to do so.

We all have areas in our lives where we want to improve.

Personally, I’m always a student in a coaching program.

The more I learn, the more I have a desire to experience even bigger results in my life.

Expanding your mind does that.

Welcoming your natural curiosity allows dreaming, manifesting and ultimately an even better life to present itself.

What baby action steps will you take this week to lead your family down the yellow brick road of happiness into 2017?

And like Dorothy always reminded us, “There’s no place like home.”

Let’s do everything possible to fill that home with positive, loving, hilarious and warm memories in the coming year.

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