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Be Your Own Cheerleader Not Your Fear Leader

This week the concept that is speaking to me is a cute catch phrase that a new friend shared recently:

“Be Your Own Cheerleader Not Your Fear Leader”.

I have had several conversations in the last week or so where amazing women were not just refusing to celebrate and cheer for themselves…

They were literally blind to their own accomplishments.

I’m not talking about superficial celebrations like shutting your mouth and saying thank you to vain compliments:

“You look pretty.”  Thank you.

“I love your outfit; bag; diamond ring.”  Thank you.

Many of us read that memo about accepting a compliment years ago.  Got it.

This has to do with bigger celebrations (in my opinion).

One mom brought tears to the eyes of a table of women when she spoke of herself as a typical quitter in life.  She quit jobs, boyfriends, classes.  But the thing she has never given up on is her challenging son.  He is now 15 and she has spent the better part of the last 15 years researching, brainstorming, supporting and loving him unconditionally.

He is not just surviving at the moment, for the first time in his life, he is actually thriving.

In large part because of his mom’s commitment to him.

As we listened and responded through shaky tear laden voices that she is an unbelievable mom…a Mama Warrior in fact; she dismissed the complimentary words and felt they were undeserved.

I have witnessed similar scenarios over and over where Mama Warriors are reticent to celebrate the life changing accomplishments their love and support continuously brings their children, families and communities.

My call to action this week is for each one of you Mama Warriors to lay your head down at night and cheer for one nurturing, loving, supportive accomplishment you did that day as a mother, wife, sister, friend and business woman.

Celebrations and acknowledgements create new neural pathways in your brain and build positive forward moving momentum.

This is science people. I dare you to experience the unstuck-ness that ensues.

Magical opportunities will start coming your way as opposed to what manifests from thinking filled with guilt and fear.

80% of our thoughts are negative or fear based on average.

Celebrating the things that you do everyday by showing up as a loving maternal force is the antidote to the negative thinking.

This is not bragging.  This is not about posting on FB.   (Although I see nothing wrong with either if you feel inclined.)

This is sitting alone and daring to have positive thoughts about yourself and who you are as a person.

And saying, “Not too Shabby.  You are making a difference.  You are a fearless and fun…MAMA WARRIOR.”

Just Do It.

Word to the mother.

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