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Sex, Money…PARENTING???

Most of us have heard that sex and money are the two most complicated relationships.

I would like to add a third competitor into the layered subject arena…


All three of these topics are incredibly personal and private for most people.

They often strike a deeply hidden chord or feeling of ‘not-enough-ness’.

And of course, most of us don’t admit this to ourselves, let alone in public…it makes for awkward conversation.

Glad I just made the correlation that all three of these topics are involved in my work!

It’s too late to back out now, because dammit, it’s like a dangerous boyfriend from high school…I am already hooked and passionately in love with coaching and writing.

I must forge ahead and deal with the treacherous waters.

If you’re scratching your head wondering where sex and money tie into parent coaching, lemme explain before you start a bunch of rumors that I’m running a Nevada chicken ranch down here in Houston.

Or a Thai massage parlor…gross.

Here’s how sex, money and parenting all connect to my work:

If you read my blogs and contact me for coaching, you’re a parent. Duh.  I know, you got that.

If you’re a parent, someone had sex, produced a child and now, you are the parent of that child.

(I guess with modern fertility options this may not always be true.  Go ahead and ignore that tiny detail for now.  Just go with it and stop being such a pain in the ass.)

If I want my people to truly invest themselves where they will make lasting change in their lives, I have to charge money.

In fact, I’ve given away LOTS of free coaching, especially when I first began and it’s usually a big ol’ waste of time.

When folks have financial skin in the game, the results are astoundingly bigger.  Period.

When it comes to personal situations within these subjects, it’s hard for people to discuss their issues in a vulnerable and real way.

Even though most of us have ‘stuff’ that bothers us in at least one of the three categories, it takes a brave soul to seek support and improve the ‘thing’.

This ‘thing’ may keep you up with worry at night.  And yet, you try your hardest to continue to push it aside and pretend day after day that it’s not a concern.

I get it.  I’ve been right there with ya.

It’s hard to open yourself up to possible judgment from others and admit there are things you worry you are doing wrong as a parent.

The stakes are pretty freaking high and we all wanna get this right.

I had a very interesting convo with my kiddos last night where I asked them what they loved and didn’t love about our family.

At first, some of the answers kinda stung.

I felt triggered and the fraud factor immediately came into play for me.

“I’m a parent coach after all… I’m supposed to model perfection when it comes to the values I stand for, teach and WRITE BOOKS ABOUT!?!”


Once I calmed myself down by actually living by the tools and approach of my upcoming book, I chilled the eff out.

The rest of the night has already embedded itself as an extremely special memory in my mind, filled with honest conversation and rich connection.

One I know I will refer back to for years to come.

I’m your perfectly-imperfect parent coach and I would love to hear from your brave self if you’re ready to make some magic happen in your family and life.

I can’t promise we will be a fit, but after reading my book and/or hopping on a call together, we will know for sure…just don’t ask me for sex advice.  It’ll make me uncomfortable.

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