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The Conscious Parenting Gap

Hey Ya’ll,

I took a week off from writing to enjoy Spring Break with my son, Cory, and friends down at the beach.  I enjoyed the quiet time to finish up the final content details of my upcoming book, “Am I Screwing Up My Kids?”.

It launches on April 14th and I’m ‘scared-cited’ (a little scared but mostly excited) to share it with you.

Here’s a little preview about the core concept I cover in the book and the reason many of us relate to the title, “Am I Screwing Up My Kids?”.

I call it, “The Conscious Parenting Gap”, and it’s a total game changer.

The term ‘conscious parenting’ involves the secret recipe to create the family you’ve been fantasizing about…mindful, present engagement with your kids to build strong connections.

Unfortunately, even though many of us know the ingredients and the recipe, there seems to be a missing component that causes our fantasy to continuously elude us.

The parenting class I taught for several years was based on a program called Conscious Discipline – so the conscious parenting movement has been a very personal part of my life for over a decade.

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel with my new book by teaching you conscious parenting tools that you may already know or not.

I do call on many of theses conscious concepts ingrained in my life with my private clients but this book addresses something different…

The Conscious Parenting Gap

Have you ever noticed when you find yourself in a triggered moment, where your child is throwing either a little kid or a big kid tantrum and you can’t remember what the $%#@ to do?

And usually you end up yelling and throwing an adult style fit alongside your outta control kid?

Or maybe, you completely disengage and get the hell outta Dodge?

Or possibly, your legs become frozen in place as you stare at your child in disbelief with your jaw on the ground and have no idea what to do?

You may recognize each of these triggered reactions as your survival responses; fight/flight/freeze.

During triggered moments, many of us find it impossible to access the file cabinet in our brains with all of the insightful parenting tools.

You know the ones –  from that class or book you took the time to read or attend…

And now you can’t remember any of it, let alone the values you swore you stood behind when it came to raising your kids.

I’m betting, those values didn’t involve yelling, shaming and dismissing your kids that you love with your entire being.

Of course not!  You want the world for them.

You are human and upon being triggered, your human survival response has been activated…leaving all those new-agey parenting tools locked away in an obscure file cabinet in your brain.

And the key has gone missing EXACTLY at the moment you need it.

As a result of that missing file, you behave in ways that are out of alignment with your ‘master child raising plan’ and as a result, you probably feel pretty damn guilty.

The guilt is what brings the worry about screwing up your kids to the surface when you lay your head down at night in pursuit of the rest and rejuvenation your body desperately deserves.

This phenomenon is what I refer to as finding yourself within the Conscious Parenting Gap.

Where is that damn key?!?!

The concepts I will teach and explore with you in my new book addresses this frustrating issue.

What good is it to learn how to do this parenting thing differently from the way you were raised if you can’t access the information when it’s go time?

This is why you end up repeating patterns you intended to bury from your childhood.

Even though you gave yourself your word to do things differently with your kiddos.

As you learn how to close the Conscious Parenting Gap, you will be able to access your most brilliant self and know what to do when you find yourself in a heated moment with your people.

You will be able to show up as the level headed adult you truly want to be in your life and especially with your kids.

I can’t wait to share it all with you.  As a gift, I am making the book available as a free download during the first 3 days after it’s release.

I am so ‘scared-cited’ for ya’ll to unwrap the gift beginning April 14th and learn how to close the Conscious Parenting Gap.

The magic happens on level ground…aren’t you ready to stop falling into the gap and worrying about screwing up your kids?

You will be so incredibly laser focused on the connected dream team you are creating once you gain access to the kick ass Mama Warrior file…

The one who stays calm, cool and collected when your kid is freaking out rather than adding to his hysteria.  Yup…you’ve got this or at least you will soon.  Promise!

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