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Step 1 of Productive Convo

Just this week, I taught several clients the foundational skills necessary to positively communicate with their kiddos and I, personally used the “productive convo” strategy in the following scenarios:

  • My son, Alec, a senior in high school is on a month long trip to Poland and Israel.  He used his entire Verizon data plan in the first 2 days!  Things got pretty heated between us and I woke Tuesday morning to this message from him, “Your texts are annoying me. I will see you in a month.  I love you.” (Needless to say, a productive convo had to happen. I’m happy to report that we had a delightful 30 minute Facetime call this afternoon.)
  • My daughter, Avery, 8th grade…enough said.  There were more heated situations and productive convos than I have time to go into here.
  • I ran into a mom friend who was the passenger on a practice drive with her 15 yr. old daughter.  We were discussing the productive convo and she was inquiring how it actually plays out in real life. So we problem solved their most recent kerfuffle – moms, 15 yr. old daughters and driving practice practically define the reason I came up with the productive convo! The mom mentioned that they had had a slight disagreement before the driving lesson because she asked “1 simple question” and her daughter barked at her and then shut down.

Can you imagine my joy to get to walk the gorgeous mom-daughter duo through the productive convo in real time.  I felt like it was my birthday!

Enjoy my vlog below where I discuss Step 1 of the productive convo.

Stay tuned for more productive convo steps in  the coming weeks and feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss your situation.  I love talking to ya’ll!

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