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Are You a Family Story Fondler?

Are You a Family Story Fondler?

Story Fondler:  Repeatedly talking or thinking about a problematic situation in your life – possibly for years and years.  


Eventually this becomes your defining “struggle story” and it serves as hours of entertainment…similar to a toddler fondling one of those mesmerizing discovery toys.

Do you frequently have negative thoughts about your kids, other people’s kids, parenting…humanity?


Life is too short.

Your kids are growing quickly.

This time is too precious to waste one more second fondling a struggle story involving the people you love the most.

You deserve more.  Your kids deserve more.

Whether your struggle story is about your “challenging” kid that constantly zaps your energy.

Or maybe it’s your tension filled marriage because you and your spouse can’t seem to get on the same page when it comes to raising your kids.

Or maybe it’s a home filled with more yelling than you care to admit and you feel crazy guilty.

If you are ready to replace the struggle story with your family dream, it is time to put your moola where your mouth is.

Enrollment in the parenting program that will help you accomplish that dream, Conscious Parent Mastery, is closing in 2 days.


Class begins January 19th.  The enrollment form has a money back guarantee because I deliver for my people.

It is not a typical boring parenting program.  I invest in you 100% when you invest in YOURSELF.

This program is not for the lifelong story fondlers.

This program is for the life livers; the action takers.

Families are being transformed – THIS is the most important thing you could do for yourself and your kids.

I don’t take this lightly – this is important.  This is about your kids.

If you are ready, click here and scroll to the bottom to enroll.  The cost is per couple and you WILL get HUGE results in 6 weeks.


Come to class – the rules are…there aint no rules!

You can chew gum, bring contraband, whatever floats your boat.  Besides, most of it happens virtually so knock yourself out while you listen and learn from the comfort of your own bed (like I do most of time.)

Stop talking and talking and talking.  It’s time to DO!

P.S. Here is the link to enroll in Conscious Parent Mastery and check out the FB Live from last Friday if you want to here the carpool convo all about it.

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