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Your Hero’s Journey

By February 22, 2017December 15th, 2022Parenting the Strong Willed Child, Uncategorized
Your Hero's Journey

Star Wars, The Lion King, pretty much all stories considered “Disney”…what do these movies have in common?

They are all based on The Hero’s Journey theory by author and philosopher, Joseph Campbell.

The Hero’s Journey framework is comprised of 3 parts:

1.     The Call: the hero gets “the call” to go on an adventure because of a crisis or a challenge in her life.

2.     The Road of Trials: She heads down the road and there are many obstacles or dragons to slay.

3.  The Return Home: She returns home transformed and ready to impart her wisdom on others and live a more meaningful life.

I think it’s super fun and empowering to see yourself as the hero of your own exciting journey and to see your life as a great adventure.

Maybe you just got the call to adventure?

Maybe the call came in the form of your son’s dyslexia or your daughter’s frequent meltdowns?

You know that something needs to change and you’re searching for remedies and solutions down your road of trials.

The sequence of the steps in the Hero’s Journey theory are so accurate when I apply them to my own life and the parents I work with.

¾ of the way down the road of trials, the biggest dragon possible appears and you believe that you are going to die trying to slay that monster.

Like literally, no matter that you have already slayed 3 other scary dragons along the road, you convince yourself they were nothing compared to this scary snarling fanged beast before you.

You think you can’t do it and that you will surely suffer a tragic death at the hands of this final dragon.

You wish that you could return home and forget that you ever received this conscious parenting call to adventure.

In the Lion King, when Simba gets the courage to go home to fight his uncle Scar and retake the throne, he faces the scariest battle yet.

One of them is getting thrown off the cliff and Simba could die.

The life or death scene on this call of adventure is just a cartoon in the Lion King example.

And in our own lives, when it comes to our kids, it’s easy to try and minimize his lack of athleticism or her problem fitting in as trivial issues as if it’s just a cartoon in the big scheme of life.

However, your mind continues to ruminate over these issues night after night and your body is worn out and sleep deprived.

It’s affecting how you are interacting with your child and you notice her self confidence is plummeting.

Or your son seems so angry.  Everything you say is all wrong in his eyes and you’re just trying to help.

Your kid’s obstacles represent scary dragons down your road of trials.

Find your Yoda.  Tap into your strength.  Arm yourself with resources that will support your victory.

I believe that parenting is our road of trials and each and every conscious parent is a true hero on their family’s journey.

The dragons are the key puzzle pieces of your life.  Figuring out the lessons behind each dragon piece is how the magical vision of your life is able to come into focus.

Learn new stuff that will help you slay the dragons.

Change destructive familial patterns.

Improve the relationships in your family.

Find the magical elixir and return home transformed and ready to share your wisdom.

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