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Who wants to be surrounded by Assh%les?

Who wants to be surrounded by Assh%les?

Emotional intelligence is a term that started popping up in the mid 90’s.

EQ is about managing your emotions compared to IQ which is referring to intellect.

I’m gonna just level with y’all…emotional management is really about not being an assh%le.

And teaching our kids not to be assh%les.

Again, I’m gonna just say it – we all pretty much have each other’s numbers.

When you behave like a selfish assh%le, don’t fool yourself.

People know.

This is why we get the barfy feeling when we see that “perfect” FB pic of THAT kid.

You know the one – that little sassafras with the attitude and the pink bow.

The stories abound about that child’s mean girl behavior and she’s only in 2nd grade.

Uhhhh, ya – something doesn’t pass the smell test.

My hunch would be that the perfect Facebook pic poster is a closet yelling mama.

When we find ourselves in the Parent Gap and screaming at our kids, our EQs are pretty much at rock bottom.

It’s stressful for a mama to live up to the perfect image.

Here is my remedy if this is you:


Seriously, stop it.

No one likes fake perfect you.

Be real. Look in the mirror. Work on your unfinished business still lurking in the shadows.

This is how we become more emotionally intelligent.

I know it doesn’t sound fun.

No one willingly signs up for this work.

It takes a trailblazer willing to spend time and energy getting really honest and working hard to have a super life.

One of my Mama tribe mamas told me recently that a “perfect” mom in carpool line said, “Why do you work with Randi?!? I mean, don’t you know what to do?”

Ya, that lady’s poor kids…she’s for sure screaming her head off at them night and day when no one’s looking.

Everyone has each other’s numbers.

Our kid’s triggering behavior is a hot track to our own unfinished business.

They are literally like little treasure maps to our own emotional freedom.

It’s worth it to work on yourself.

When you do, it directly affects your kids.

Their behavior will eventually reflect your unfinished biz so you might as well get to it.

You can run but you can’t hide.

This is why patterns repeat in families – even when we think we are doing things the opposite way of our parents.

I teach you how to retrain your brain to replace those outdated patterns.

Kids raised in emotionally intelligent families are part of the solution…not the problem

Kids that have high EQs are upset by injustice even when it doesn’t involve them.

They don’t like it when teachers yell.

They don’t like it when kids bully other kids.

They are loyal and loving friends.

They are team players.

They are graceful winners and losers on the sport’s field.

They value kindness in others and show up kindly and compassionately in the world.

Experts say that high EQ is the biggest determinant in relationship, career and life success rather than high IQ.

EQ can be acquired and improved by learning skills that basically foster being kind, empathetic, self aware and able to regulate your negative emotions.

EQ is not taught typically in traditional schools.

It should be.

We can teach it in our homes.

When enough of us do, the schools will catch on.

The NEW parenting methods are all about strengthening your family’s EQ.

Most of us were not raised in emotionally intelligent homes.

It was a different time.

It takes a minute to learn the new way.

Raising kids with high emotional intelligence is a constant practice AND will make the world a better place.

It will also set your kids on a path for health, happiness and a life that feels fulfilling.

EQ may seem intangible compared to IQ AND I invite you to really consider what you want for your kids…

Personally, I want a life where my kids aren’t behaving like and surrounded by a bunch of assh%les.

To check check check out the Carpool Convo about this topic on FB Live, click here.

FB Live Carpool Convo about teaching your kids to have a high EQ

FB Live Carpool Convo about teaching your kids to have a high EQ

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