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Are you turning the ORDINARY moments into EXTRAORDINARY memories?

Are you turning the ORDINARY moments into EXTRAORDINARY memories?

Parent/Client:  I feel guilty that my favorite time of day is when I put my kids to bed at night. Does this make me a terrible person?

Me: You love them to pieces. Is it that you want the ordinary moments as a family to feel extraordinary?

Parent: Yes. Exactly. And yet THAT feels impossible. If only I could ditch my smart phone and limit the distractions in my life, then maybe I would be able to relax and enjoy regular ordinary moments with my kids.

Me: Why is this important to you?

Parent: Every time I’m around a really close family, there are a million inside jokes about ordinary moments.  I want that family. I know that the ordinary moments turn into extraordinary memories.

Me: Did you come from one of those families?

Parent: No and I’ve always been so envious of people that have those families.  I want that even though their posts on FB make me want to barf.

I’m realizing that I have no idea how to be that mom.  It feels overwhelming and weirdly I feel like I’m failing because I don’t know how to just BE with my kids.

Me: We will reprogram your brain so you are able to just BE with your kids.  You WILL have the close knit connected family that enjoys ordinary moments together and you won’t be bored outta your mind.

I will help you and your kids enjoy each other more so you can celebrate the ordinary moments.

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The parent in the scenario above gets it more than she realizes.

It is the ordinary moments in a family that create extraordinary memories.

I work with parents that are truth seekers. Action takers. Heroes that are ready to learn how to own their journey.

I don’t invest myself in blamers, victims or excuse makers.

Families are experiencing profound transformations.

I am in love with the parents I work with. All I have ever wanted is to be surrounded by action taking badassery.

I experience that on the daily. Parents are digging in and changing stubborn patterns that keep accidentally being passed down the family tree.

I teach parenting strategies that cut the tension in your home and help your kids to be more enjoyable.

This is an important part of the ordinary-extraordinary moment making equation.

It’s hard to enjoy ordinary moments when you’re constantly battling with your kids and everything feels like a power struggle.

When parents learn how to treat the ordinary everyday moments as extraordinary events, it sends your kids the message that they are worthy of your time, attention and love for simply BEING.

No blue ribbon prerequisite needed for a kid to hang out and be enjoyed by her mama.

I dare you to argue with the importance of that message.

P.S. If you want support turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, I have just the program for you. Conscious Parent Mastery (Course 1) opens soon. Reply to this email and I will be in touch about it. 

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