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Transitioning to a New Chapter

Transitioning to a New Chapter

Transitions are rough.

Because our brains are pattern seeking.

Humans crave the familiar.

A transition signifies something new.


A new activity…

Even though our kids are perfectly happy staying home and NOT putting on their shoes.

It’s time to go to camp. School. Ballet. Baseball.

Or it might mean a new chapter is just ahead.

Maybe even better than the current one.

However, that remains to be seen.

Because we aren’t there yet.

The uncertainty is what makes the transition period difficult.

Transitioning from something familiar to something unfamiliar is tough for our kids…big and little.

For us too.

My body has started doing this embarrassing thing in the last few years.

I get this weird rash on my spine when I’m stressed.

Not gonna lie.

It’s pretty gross.

And it itches.

It’s flaring up right now.

I know it’s because of the transitions upon my family…Avery driving and Cory entering middle school.

Cars and phones.

Avery got her driver’s license.


She is on the road behind a steering wheel.

Without me.

Cory doesn’t have a phone yet but it’s comin’.

My back itches at the thought.

The body is so smart.

Mine is trying to tell me something.

I’m trying to listen and figure it out.

I will let y’all know when I do.

I wish I could have known this when my kiddos were little.

Maybe I wouldn’t have made such a big deal out of their stall tactics when it came to going to bed or school.

Transitions are hard.

At any age.

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