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210: Your Post-Halloween Candy Plans

By October 31, 2022November 7th, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast
210: Your Post-Halloween Candy Plans

I hope you’re listening to this today because I want to talk about Halloween and the dreaded candy that you have to deal with after Halloween. I’m going to teach you a philosophy, and some planning strategies that helped me handle Halloween and Halloween candy.

And I want you to know you can apply this same method to birthday parties and all the things and situations which are similar. But today we’re going to focus on Halloween, and then you can apply it to lots of other areas.

So, I hope you’re listening to this today, on Halloween, because it’s going to be most effective when you set the plan, which is really establishing the boundaries right before Halloween has actually happened. When you try to set a boundary after it’s happened or when you’re in the thick of it, it’s going to be more inclined to become a power struggle.

So, listen in! And, if you have any extra Almond Joys, send them my way!

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About Randi Rubenstein

Randi Rubenstein helps parents with a strong-willed kiddo become a happier family and enjoy the simple things again like bike rides and beach vacays.

She’s the founder of Mastermind Parenting, host of the Mastermind Parenting podcast, and author of The Parent Gap. Randi works with parents across the U.S.

At Mastermind Parenting, we believe every human deserves to have a family that gets along.

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