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225: #4 The Communication Wing in The Framework That Transforms Strong-Willed Kids

By February 14, 2023November 7th, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast
225: #5 The Enforce Wing in The Framework That Transforms Strong-Willed Kids

Today I introduce you to the “C” in the N.I.C.E. Framework, a roadmap to teach kids the skills they don’t have to manage their nervous systems and to turn around difficult behaviors. “C” stands for Communication and it’s where we dive deeper to learn how to communicate with our children in a language they can comprehend.

This N.I.C.E. Framework series teaches parents how to speak to strong-willed kids in order to help them stop living in a dysregulated state. During this episode, I discussed how it is important to communicate with our strong-willed, highly sensitive kids in a language they can understand, utilizing empathy and pack leadership. This style of communication allows us to assess basic needs, investigate behavior, and establish rules and boundaries without arguing or making excuses. It also involves actively listening and mirroring back what our kids say to show we believe them. Finally, if the same problematic behavior continues, we can establish a consequence in the E wing of the N.I.C.E. Framework. (Next episode, stay tuned!)

“When you learn how to communicate with our kids in this way, where we see their perspective and we really hear them. When we really listen to them, they feel heard and listened to, and then we can problem solve together.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Uncovering why our kids are not doing well and how to effectively communicate with them in a productive way.
  2. Understanding the 77% of communication that is nonverbal and the language our kids can truly comprehend.
  3. Discovering how to establish rules, boundaries and teach new skills with a combination of empathy and pack leadership.

And much more!

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About Randi Rubenstein

Randi Rubenstein helps parents with a strong-willed kiddo become a happier family and enjoy the simple things again like bike rides and beach vacays.

She’s the founder of Mastermind Parenting, host of the Mastermind Parenting podcast, and author of The Parent Gap. Randi works with parents across the U.S.

At Mastermind Parenting, we believe every human deserves to have a family that gets along.

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