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236: The Coach Approach – A Conversation on Coaching & Parenting

By May 2, 2023November 7th, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Today I welcome Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, certified coaches and experienced parents of complex children. As co-creators of, Diane and Elaine offer guidance, support, and resources to parents worldwide dealing with challenges such as ADHD and anxiety. With a coaching approach to parenting, they aim to empower children to become independent problem solvers while fostering confidence and self-esteem. Their deep understanding of the unique needs of complex children and passion for supporting parents make them trusted guests on the podcast.

When Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus first met, they were both searching for a way to address the challenges faced by parents of complex kids. Diane, a neurotypical mom, and Elaine, who had been diagnosed with learning and attention issues, discovered they both had undergone significant improvements as parents after becoming coaches. Intrigued by the idea of applying a coaching approach to parenting, they decided to team up and develop a method that would empower children to become independent problem solvers. Through trial and error, they realized the importance of guiding parents through a process-oriented approach rather than simply providing solutions. By teaching parents to collaborate with their children, they found that they could foster a sense of agency and inspire kids to overcome obstacles.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the art of raising complex children through focus on personal growth and overcoming obstacles.
  • Achieve harmony in families with children facing mental health challenges by balancing dynamics.
  • Utilize coaching principles to help children flourish as autonomous problem solvers.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and trust-building in parental bonds.
  • Embrace self-compassion, self-care, and recognize the importance of support networks for parents.

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