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27: Moms, Girls, Body Image Stuff – A REAL Convo with Dana Suchow

By September 3, 2018November 3rd, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast
27: Moms, Girls, Body Image Stuff - A REAL Convo with Dana Suchow
In this episode, I spoke with speaker and educator, Dana Suchow about female body image issues, eating disorders, diet culture and how to productively talk about this sensitive topic with our girls. We got down and dirty and had a rich convo. I think you’re going to find it super interesting and possibly take a pause to think about some of the “elephant in the room” topics we dug deep into. Needless to say, I thought we had a riveting conversation. Enjoy!


Topics covered:
  • Diet culture
  • Eating disorders
  • Food restriction and how it activates the scarcity signal in our “lizard”/primal brain
  • Gender binary (I didn’t know what this was until this interview)
  • Body awareness
  • Self awareness
  • Social media and what part it plays in our girl’s body image issues and suggestions for how to handle it
  • Moms and daughters and how moms accidentally exacerbate the situation when we see our girls struggling with something similar to what we’ve gone through
  • Modeling the behavior you want for your daughter when it comes to a healthy relationship with food
  • The role of the media in affecting our female body image basis

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About Our Guest

Dana Suchow – Speaker and Educator

Since overcoming Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and exercise compulsion that resulted in permanent injuries, Dana Suchow has become an expert in the field of body image and eating disorder prevention. Offering a nonclinical and holistic approach, Dana will teach you how to put your child on a path towards body love, empowerment and self-acceptance.


In 2014 Dana founded #MyBodyStory, an ongoing storytelling series created to uplift girl’s and women’s voices that so often go unheard.
You can read more about Dana on her website

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