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28: 3 Reasons Why Your Convos are Unproductive

By September 10, 2018November 3rd, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast
28: 3 Reasons Why Your Convos are Unproductive
In this episode, I talk about why conversations are often unproductive and how to change that. We often think we are having a conversation but it is really just a lecture in disguise. A conversation that is centered around a parents agenda to teach a lesson is really a lecture. I think you will find this episode enlightening to say the least…it may even slightly piss you off. Love ya!
Topics covered:
  • How do I get my child to do ____? This is a sure sign of control and always leads to an unproductive lecture
  • You’re in The Parent Gap and thinking that if only your child would learn the things you want to teach them then they’d behave better and life would be smooth sailing
  • You do you. Why are you so triggered? Why are you attempting to control your child? What are you missing? What’s your child’s perspective? Did you really dig in and begin the conversation by seeing their perspective and putting your agenda aside?
  • You did not actively listen. You jumped into problem solving and missed this crucial step.
  • Recap: The 3 reasons your convos are unproductive:
  • 1. Control and a hidden agenda
  • 2. Lecturing instead of active listening
  • 3. You’re in The Parent Gap

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