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68: Mastermind Mascot: My Daughter is Turning 18

By June 25, 2019November 9th, 2023Mastermind Parenting Podcast
68: Mastermind Mascot: My Daughter is Turning 18

My daughter’s 18th birthday is in 5 days.

I can’t believe I blinked and we are entering her 18th summer.

On the podcast this week, I discuss my feelings as a mom of an almost grown and flown daughter.

I also give the deets on the backstory of choosing whether or not to hold her back as a kid with a summer bday.

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About Randi Rubenstein

Randi Rubenstein helps parents with a strong-willed kiddo become a happier family and enjoy the simple things again like bike rides and beach vacays.

She’s the founder of Mastermind Parenting, host of the Mastermind Parenting podcast, and author of The Parent Gap. Randi works with parents across the U.S.

At Mastermind Parenting, we believe every human deserves to have a family that gets along.

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0 (0s):
Hey podcast listeners. I’m taking it a little pause from the podcast this summer, but I wanted to include some little short clips of tips and tools that I’ve been sharing in my private groups as a way to stay in touch this summer. Enjoy

1 (16s):
My name’s Randi Rubenstein and welcome to the Mastermind Parenting Podcast where we believe when your thoughts grow the conversations in your home flow.

0 (29s):
Hi guys, welcome to this week’s episode in the video series a. So I wanted to talk about a story that I think exemplifies the Mastermind Mascot mentality. So what I mean by Mastermind Mascot is that when we raise kids with Mastermind Parenting, which is we can do hard things, we can experience big emotions. We’re gonna go out into the world and solve problems and because we know how to solve problems within ourselves. So we are people that show up as part of the solution, rather, rather than adding to the problem.

0 (1m 11s):
So I actually have kind of a good story from years ago with my daughter when she was in about third grade, I think so. And she’s now almost 18. And so she was in third grade and we were walking out of school one day and we see this other mom who I would see a lot higher than some people did the carpool line. And some people walked in and got their kids, and I would see this other mom kind of walking in to get her child to, and she has a little girl in a Reese grade and I Avery would share stories. So I knew her and this little girl, we were friends at school. So this little girl, my daughter would tell me like, Oh, you know, yeah, we were in these classes together. She’s really good at math, blah, blah.

0 (1m 51s):
It just seemed like the girls had a lot in common, but they’d never had a play date. I didn’t know the other moms. So I see the other mom and we’re kind of talking the other, mom’s really sweet. And I said, we should get the girls together some time. And we live in Houston. So in the whole month of February for like an entire month, there’s the, the rodeo, like everything y’all think that happens in Texas rodeo, that really is a rodeo. And it happens for a whole month and it’s like a big carnival and it’s super fun. And so, so I said, we should, we should get the girls together outside of school. You know, they have off of school next Friday. Why don’t we meet up? And we could take him to the rodeo together, or I’m happy to take the girls to the rodeo. And the little girl said, Oh, I’m already going to the rodeo next Friday because it’s my birthday this month.

0 (2m 37s):
So my mom’s taking me and she let me invite three friends and we’re going to the rodeo. And I was like, Oh, okay. A and the mom is like, kind of mortified. Like what? Like she’s frozen. She doesn’t know what to say. Cause they’re a little innocent God, or just like, did that thing that you’re not supposed to do, which is basically saying I invited some people and you’re not one of them. So me and my daughter walked away and I look at her and I said, how are you? Okay. And she was like, sure. Yeah. Well, why? And I was like, well, what your friend just said, like, and she was like, what’d she say? And I said, well, you know that she’s already going to the rodeo with some friends.

0 (3m 21s):
And did that hurt your feelings at all? And she looked at me, she was like confused, like a confused puppy. And she said, why would that hurt my feelings? I love her. But if I was having a special birthday thing and I could only invite three friends, she wouldn’t be one of them. And I was like, that’s what Mastermind Mascot do. They don’t make issues where there are none. Sometimes you’re not going to be invited to the party. And that’s okay. And so how often as moms like she, like, she taught me such a good lesson that day. I was to put my stuff on her. I was about to bring a whole bunch of mama drama to the situation.

0 (4m 5s):
And her little, third grade innocence self was like, sometimes you are just not invited to the party. It’s really not personal, but she wouldn’t be one of my top three, either love her to pieces were just not friends like that. You know? So how often are these kids teaching us things when we just start to hear them and also are on to ourselves in where we could possibly be bringing some uninvited drama to the party because our child is an invited, like, does it have to really be dramatic or do we accidentally feed that? So I hope you guys enjoyed the Mastermind Mascot story of the week.

0 (4m 48s):
I have a great week. Bye.

1 (4m 51s):
Have you read my book, a parent gap? Have you listened to my book for a parent gap? I doubt you’ve listened because my publisher hasn’t released it yet on audible. However, I have the audio version of the parent gaff that I would love to send to you. You can download it at Mastermind Parenting dot com For slash book that’s Mastermind Parenting dot com For slash book for your free audio version of the parents that they are welcome. Hi.

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