Won’t listen, follow simple requests, or just won’t allow anything to be easy?

If that’s you, then join us for our next Coach Week: 3 Days of Live Coaching with Mastermind Parenting Founder, Randi Rubenstein


Resolve Resistance


Calm Stress


Take Back Control

Mastermind Parenting Coach Week

Are you dealing with a strong willed kiddo who won’t ever listen or follow directions?

You’ve tried consequences like time-outs, punishment, or positive/gentle parenting, but it seems like nothing is working.

There is constant fighting, anger, and stress in your home

You and your co-parent are not on the same page

Nothing is ever easy.

You may be thinking:

“Can I really transform my kid who just won’t cooperate and help them be a kid who will?”


We know it’s worrisome and frustrating when your kid is uncooperative sooo much of the time. Randi’s own strong willed child is the reason why Mastermind Parenting exists. She couldn’t find the one-stop-shop resource for her own family and therefore created it. We’ve helped hundreds of parents and kids navigate through difficult behavior issues to come out stronger and more connected as a family.

Because here’s the problem when you’re dealing with the kid that just won’t:

When you go straight to consequences, not only are you missing key opportunities to really help kids learn new skills so that they can improve problematic behavior, but you’re also damaging your future relationship. 

You have to do a little detective work to fully understand what is going on with your kid, and what’s at the root of the behavior so that you can help them.

It’s about teaching skills rather than controlling their strong will. This is how you’ll create a relationship built on a foundation of love and trust where they’ll see you as a resource to help them through a hard time.

Randi is excited to be your personal parenting coach for a week!

Here’s what you can expect: You will spend a week learning to set limits the Mastermind Parenting way. Randi will coach a group of parents on all the button-pushing struggles – bedtime battles, sibling fighting, back talk, homework headaches, power struggles over technology, and overall problematic behaviors. There is no issue too big or small – bring it all!

Coach Week is starting October 10, 2022

It’s FREE to sign up, so hurry and grab your seat now!

Mastermind Parenting Coach Week

This Coaching Experience

Is Happening Live On Zoom:

Live Coaching Dates:

October 11th, 12th, 13th


10-11 AM PDT
12-1 PM CDT
1-2 PM EDT

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During 3 Days of Live Coaching We Will Cover:

The biggest mistake most parents are making that actually makes the problematic behavior worse

What’s underneath your kids' behavior

Techniques for a better relationship with your child

Building trust by using the tools and language kids actually hear so that they improve their behavior

Tips for getting back more time for yourself

Creating a clear plan to deal with behavior challenges in the future

I’m Randi,

the founder of Mastermind Parenting

A neuroscience-inspired behavior program that helps parents stay calm during button pushing moments with their kids so they can support them in becoming the absolute best versions of themselves.

On my journey with my own strong willed kiddo, I discovered something amazing that totally transformed my household, my children, and most importantly, myself.

If you are experiencing any of the issues above, if your home is in chaos, I hope you can take the time to invest in you and your family’s healthy future.

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You’ll create a relationship built on a foundation of love and trust where they’ll see you as a resource to help them through a hard time.

The Live Coaching Experience

Is Happening On Zoom:

Live Coaching Dates:

October 11th, 12th, 13th


10-11 AM PDT
12-1 PM CDT
1-2 PM EDT

Reserve Your Spot Now – It’s FREE!

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Take your kid who just won’t and help them be the kid who will!

The biggest shift has definitely been my behavior and how I handle situations, and I don’t feel hopeless and overwhelmed anymore. We say I’m sorry a lot more in this house...all of us, me, my kids and my husband. My 5-year-old HSC hasn’t even had a true meltdown in a few weeks, probably, and they used to be almost every day. When my 3-year-old was having a tantrum, my 5-year-old even said “mommy doesn’t respond to tantrums until you’re calm”, so he does listen to things I say every now and then! I try to let the kids problem solve together when they both want a toy, we use timers a lot. My husband and I are also ultra focused on basic needs like sleep and food, and recognize when we’re in a situation that is not going to be resolved until our kids sleep or eat! 2 positive choices had also been fantastic, especially with my 3-year-old who likes to feel in control at this time in his life. So much progress made here since April! I’m looking forward to continuing!

Ali G.

There are a lot of parenting programs, coaches, blogs, podcasts and books out there! I should know! I have bought, engaged with, listened, read, and highlighted my way through many of them. Some are good, but few are great! Mastermind Parenting is great! Randi brings a rare combination of expertise, original and carefully curated resources, real-world experience, humility and authenticity to her program. I have been with Mastermind Parenting for over a year and a half and it has been a true agent of change in my family AND my life. Real and lasting change. The kind of deep enduring changes that impact the present and the future generations of your family. To me this is priceless and I am grateful.

Andrea A.

Randi is BEYOND amazing and has far exceeded our expectations of what we sought to get out of a parenting class. She has allowed us to see the world through new perspectives and parents from a place of calm, love, and connection. Her tools have not only improved our relationship with our kids, but have also allowed us to connect and grow in our marriage and work life.

Kerri J.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support and for sharing your life and stories. I feel blessed to be part of it and to learn and grow alongside you.
I am a better version of myself because of this group and so thankful for that.