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When you need to have

A Hard Conversation

with your kids

Parenting Coach and Best-Selling Author Randi Rubenstein

There are a myriad of tough conversations parents face with their kids. Many of us have had to answer questions like “Where do babies come from?”, “Why can’t I have more screen time?”, and “Why do I have to share a room with my sibling?”. And some of us have had to address even bigger life issues, such as moving or divorce.

I’ve been through this time and time again with my three children and know how missing the mark during these conversations can throw a household into chaos. Thinking about how to approach your kids can leave you feeling nervous and tongue twisted.

My desire to create a peaceful household for my family has resulted in a fail-proof recipe for having these hard conversations. When you use this tool, your conversations will be effective, connecting, and ultimately, PRODUCTIVE.

Get the cheat sheet and audio training for my 3-Step recipe for having a productive conversation now so you can stop hesitating and start communicating!