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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

So, the big question is this – How do “cycle breaker” parents, like us, know that we aren’t screwing up our biggest role, raising healthy humans? Especially when one of them happens to have a strong will that tests us endlessly?

We’ve all heard that kids don’t come with a manual, so how can we know for sure that we’re getting this parenting thing right?

The Mastermind Parenting podcast is for 🤓smart, with-it 😎and damn good looking 😊parents of toddlers to teens, who crave real talk and real tools that help kids to feel like they can talk to you about absolutely anything and everything.

I founded Mastermind Parenting with a belief that no human needs to grow up feeling like the “problem child”.

This podcast will help you notice the dinosaur discipline tactics you hated as a kid. You’ll begin to have convos that feel fresh and focused on solving the real problem rather leaving your kid feeling like like they are a problem. That just feels crappy for everyone. And our time together will even be kinda fun🙂.

You’re here with me now. You found my podcast for a reason. I’m so glad you did. Let’s do this!

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