Are you a parent with a strong willed child who won’t take “no” for an answer? You tried time-outs, punishment and positive or gentle parenting, but it seems like nothing is working.

There is constant fighting, anger and stress in your home
Your child expresses intense anger and defiance
You and your co-parent are not on the same page

You may be thinking,

“If I can’t spank, use time out or wait…even sticker
charts are bad now, well what the heck can I do?!?”

We’ll discuss how to take back

control in a way that empowers

both you and your kids.

We know you want to be a strong, loving leader who is respected at home. You’re in luck because we created a complimentary 5-Day Video Series just for you!  We’ll cover common discipline strategies parents use, why they aren’t effective, and what to do instead. Free 5-Part Video Series for Parents

Free 5-Day Video Series

From this video series, you will learn:


How to gain respect from your strong willed child


Learn to easily run the household without chaos


Techniques for a better relationship with your child


To help your kids improve socially, at home, and at school


Tips for getting back more time for yourself

I’m Randi,

the founder of Mastermind Parenting

a neuroscience inspired behavior program that helps parents stay calm during button pushing moments with your kids so that you can support them in becoming the absolute best versions of themselves.

On my journey with my own strong willed kiddo, I discovered something amazing that totally transformed my household, my children and most importantly, MYSELF. If you are experiencing any of the issues above, if your home is in chaos, hope you can take the time to invest in you and your family's healthy future.

Free 5-Day Video Series

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Watch the complimentary 5-Day Video Series


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Free 5-Part Video Series:

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