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Productive Conversations:
From Conflict to Collaboration
Become a Family that Talks About

All. the. things.

How do you navigate difficult conversations with your kids? 

You want your kids to feel like they can talk to you about absolutely anything – except you often find yourself struggling for just the right words when life gets sticky. How do you handle it when your kids ask WHY they can’t have cookies before dinner, or maybe it’s a more serious topic like death of a loved one, divorce or how to deal with a mean friend, coach or teacher?

In her book, “The Parent Gap,” the recipe for parents of strong willed kids to stay cool and connected, Randi Rubenstein offers invaluable guidance to “close the gap” between the parent you want to be and the one you actually are during difficult moments.

Randi’s done it again with her 3 step framework for having productive conversations with your kids or, frankly, anyone. This live experience will leave you with the practical roadmap for turning life’s conflicts into meaningful and connecting collaborations.

Speaker Host

Randi Rubenstein

Randi Rubenstein helps parents navigate hard conversations. She has a soft spot for families with a strong willed child and believes these kids need our help the most.

  • Founder of Mastermind Parenting
  • Host of the Mastermind Parenting Podcast
  • Author of The Parent Gap


You want your kids to feel like they can talk to you about absolutely anything. Yet, we frequently feel like we are on opposing teams when our guidance is received with combativeness and even rebellion. There’s a new way to communicate with your kids that will not only feel productive, it will leave you and your kids more connected, even if you’ve had a real knock-down-drag-out. Randi will share her method for changing the conversation in your home to one that is connecting, effective and productive.


Teens that are communicated with productively learn how to do so with their peers. We can also gear this talk for a teenage audience!


  • Discover the #1 ninja parenting repair to use after an argument with your kids.
  • Learn the 3 step method to master empathy to a truly productive conversation.
  • Learn the magical method that will boost your child’s confidence and invite more cooperation.
  • Understand the biggest mistake that causes your kids to shut down and shut you out.

Packages & Pricing

*travel fees not included

Engaging Keynote



or virtual $1800

Whether you are solving conflicts within your work team or family team, clear communication is needed more than ever. Randi delivers her timely message in person or via a livestream from a professional studio:

  • Up to 60 minutes
  • Audiences of any size
  • Slides optional
  • Pre-recorded is also an option for your event

Interactive Webinar


Randi presents this important content via online platform like GoTo Meeting or Zoom:

  • Tailored to audience
  • Presentation via animated slides
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Audiences of any size

Interactive Webinar

Starting at


up to $5000

Randi offers a longer format, deep dive on her simple “how to” formula for having a productive conversation to resolve both big and small conflicts at home, work, or frankly anywhere in your life. This interactive experience will be catered to your specific audience through story, reflective exercises, and powerful learning.

  • Half day of interactive activities and moderated conversations
  • Using your “real time” scenarios to create an action plan
  • Materials sent to attendees via PDF for view or print

Mastermind Coaching

Get the focused parenting support you need to create a peaceful household, even with a strong willed child.

Did you have a different vision of what type of parent you’d be or what kind of child you’d raise? Maybe that vision and your current reality seem worlds apart? We GET you and we GOT you.

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