Close the Parent Gap (CPG) Signature Talks

Parenting Tools to stay calm, cool & connected
With miniature people (0-5)

Even though they are so dang cute and their breath still smells like sunshine, little people can totally zap your energy.  They just have so many needs and after all, about a minute ago, you had so much time to live and eat and SLEEP!  This parent to parent chat will help you to show up as the mom you truly intended to be during those heated moments when:

  • Your child is having a meltdown and you find yourself in the tantrum zone
  • You are at the end of your rope because you have to repeat yourself 27 times to put on their shoes
  • Transitioning from one venue to another is as stressful as learning Geometry
  • You feel like your going to lose it because you put a nutritious meal on the table and your adorable pipsqueak chooses to be on a hunger strike (while begging for Goldfish)

Parenting Tools to stay calm, cool & connected
With your small-ish people (6-12)

Your kiddos are growing and that’s a good thing!  However, the challenges have changed and life has become busy in a different way.  You really just want to have an afternoon or even a meal without fighting, backtalk and other unsavory behaviors that make it feel like you are on opposing teams rather than a happy connected family unit.  This parent to parent chat will help you realign with your original fantasy family you planned to grow by focusing on solutions for:

  • Homework battles
  • Power Struggles about chores and technology usage
  • Social Stress involving being left out or feeling bullied

The Constructive Convo:  How to Solve Any Problem
With Your Teenager (13-18)

The teenage years can be really tough for both parents and teens.  Our teenagers seem to know how to push all of our buttons.  Why does it seem so easy for them to just disengage and walk away from the inferno that they just ignited without a care in the world – often causing us to act a little bit like a lunatic? This parent to parent chat will teach you the most unbelievable strategy to use with your teenagers that will have you exchanging “I love you’s” again in no time.  Topics covered will include:

  • The drug and alcohol talk
  • Intrinsic motivation to do well in school
  • Tech Rules and how to enforce
  • Bringing affection back between you and your teen and how it looks with a teenager
  • My tried and true 4 step process to have a constructive convo with your teen

Tap Into Your Kid’s Super Power

We love our people with every fiber of our being – we want the world for them!  When we see our kiddos struggle with fears, anxiety or being low man on the social totem pole, it can literally ruin our day and make a peaceful night’s rest seem nonexistent.  As a result, we often find ourselves accidentally adding to the problem even though we have the very best of intentions.  In this parent to parent chat, you will learn:

  • How to discover your child’s super power
  • How to uncover a positive outcome for your child when it seems like nothing is working
  • Learn how you can help your child be a person that is bulletproof with soaring pride and confidence