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“I had one of the best days of my entire quarantine on Thursday after I interviewed you on my podcast. Several friends reached out to me after listening to your episode and said the same thing happened to them! I appreciate all of your work – and you – so very much.”

— Laura Max Rose

Lindsey Sheinbein discusses how she met Randi and the powerful impact she has had on her family.

Annette Davis discusses the impact that working with Randi has had on her family.

Margarita Moreno discusses how Randi has helped her family.

“I first discovered Randi through her incredible podcast, Mastermind Parenting. I knew I needed more of her wisdom and expertise, when she helped me see, for the very first time, that my strong-willed 5 year old son was a Highly Sensitive Person (exactly like myself), who needed to be understood and supported, as he made his way through a world that can be incredibly overstimulating for people like us. Randi’s course has been a revelation. I now see how many of the answers I seek in my parenting journey really lie within. It’s about understanding yourself, your motivations, your triggers, your emotional-baggage and learning to first reparent yourself, before you can be the parent you truly want to be – in my case, calm, compassionate, in control. Randi is the ultimate truth-teller, and I hope that one day she’ll be the voice in my head, when I’m facing my daily parenting challenges. But my absolute favorite thing about her is the self-revelation and her willingness to make herself vulnerable and admit that she’s not always perfect. It makes you feel like your learning from an amazing older sister instead of an invincible expert, although she really IS an expert. I can’t wait to continue to learn from her and grow into the mother my son needs me to be.”

— Deepa Kamath

“Thank you Randi for giving me the tools and confidence to be the best mommy I can be. You have, no doubt, changed me and my thinking and my faith that I can create and nurture the family of my dreams. I’m so grateful I met you and that you are always in my ear. Love you sweet Mama!!”

— Emily Feinstein, Mama of 2

“I have been oozing empathy all week! The productive convos have been happening all week too! Its been fabulous! ”

— Nikki Odell, mom of a boy (8) and a girl (10)

“I shared about my daughter’s meltdowns. Randi suggested I may be trying to offer solutions rather than listening and showing empathy. My aha moment was when Randi compared that to trying to tell your husband about your day with him trying to fix it but you really just need someone to listen. Now I’m trying to be a listener instead of a fixer!”

— Kristy Dearing

“As a mom of three kids close in age, I fell victim to many of the “survival” strategies of busy and overwhelmed moms—parenting from a place of reactivity instead of patience, understanding, and proactivity. When I finally had all 3 kids in school, I felt I could breathe for the first time in 6 years, and I started to look at what was happening in my household. At the same time, I decided to become a Baby/Toddler Sleep Consultant, because sleep was the ONE parenting issue I felt I really nailed with my kids. When I started having a lot of success helping families with their children’s sleep issues, Randi came into my life. Her course has deepened both my understanding of my own parenting issues, as well as the root of other parents’ struggles that present as sleep issues. Now I understand my most spirited child and the roots of his behavior, as well as bringing more peace to the sibling relationships. I also have a brand new toolbox to help parents of toddlers with sleep issues. So the course helped me both personally AND professionally—what a WIN-WIN!”

— Cory Greenberg, Children’s Sleep Consultant

“Before meeting Randi, I truly thought I had it all figured out. I had accepted that I had a child with special needs and because I was under the care of a trained psychologist I knew I was doing everything I could for my kid. BOY WAS I WRONG!!

I have 3 boys ages 4,6 and 9. That means that arguing, hands-on aggression and the difficulty of sharing space with others shows up regularly. Before the CPG Basics parenting course I pacified my kids because the noise of arguing is nails on chalkboard. Now I have the tools and skills to help them communicate with each other to work through the issues. Each time a tantrum occurs instead of shushing them I use each one as an opportunity to practice communication skills. I help them work through it which will teach them how to work through their own issues as they come up. ”

— Lindsey, mom of 3 active boys

“I started working with Randi in January of this past year when I was feeling that ‘I have no idea what to do about my kid’ feeling. Ironically, my husband and I had just done a Love & Logic class a few months before, but things were still not working. I just felt like there had to be a better, more enjoyable way to be with the kids, and I was willing to try just about anything. But that was the problem, I had tried so many different things and was still at the same place. My boys are super close in age- 14 months apart – and parenting the oldest one was constantly challenging. On the whole I just wasn’t enjoying being with the kids as much as I felt I should be, and that was sad to me.

Randi came to us at just the right time. Without going into too much detail about the program, I now feel so ‘in control’ (and ‘empowered’) as a parent…and my kids (particularly my oldest) are so much more calm, happy and secure. There is no better feeling.

What I learned in Love & Logic wasn’t wrong, but what Randi brings is a whole other level of conscious parenting. The way she teaches makes sense, she’s hilarious, she’s easy to work with and is totally gifted at what she does. I can’t imagine a better investment than what we just did with Randi…for the sake of our kids and our entire family, and I feel so grateful to have found her. And by the way, it’s not comfortable for me to be take away my anonymity with this testimonial, but if I can help get the word out and it helps other families, I’m all for it.”

— Erika Mandel

“I cannot express how grateful I am that you entered our lives.

Our family is more peaceful, more connected, and overall more joyful since we started this journey. I look forward to every meeting/call and am always anxious to dig deeper, learn more, and put your nuggets of wisdom into practice each week.”

— Alana Pulaski

“Randi came into my life at a time when I needed her most. Being a busy mompreneur comes at a cost and I had just started homeschooling my oldest son. I was overwhelmed, discouraged and had no idea how to even begin to create the family of my dreams with all these new circumstances!

Soon after our chat on the podcast I was able to take Randi’s parenting course and it was AMAZING. Not only was the content informative and broken down into bite sized pieces busy moms can handle, her coaching calls were SO helpful.

Randi has this ability to see things in a different way than you might see them and can really help you dissect every issue you are facing to help you feel like you can conquer your shortcomings and obstacles. Her course will open up again soon, and in the meantime you should definitely check out her coaching!”

— Kirsten Tyrrel

“I didn’t seek Randi’s help until my 3 boys were well into their teens. I knew my oldest had two more years at home before college and needed to know I was being the best Mom I could be. I felt we were lacking that “feel good” vibe in the house. Not sure the direction to go, I found Randi. She is just a real Mom! Randi is so easy to talk to…no judging, just like talking with a lifelong friend.

Randi taught me parenting tools that I practice daily and have changed the way our entire house functions. It is a peaceful place, one that I know the boys are happy to call HOME.

These tools are not just for parents of younger children. Randi is amazing with older teens! I am truly thankful for her time, wealth of knowledge, patience and understanding. I can reach out to her anytime. It may be an 8 week course, but you have Randi in your life forever! ”

— Tracy H.

“As an educated, assertive, professional woman, I do not often find myself wallowing in a lot of self-doubt. If there’s a problem, fix it. If you don’t know how, find someone who can. The funny part is that it never occurred to do that with my family. I never knew a “Randi” existed out there. I know that when I look back on my time with my kids in 5, 10, 15 years, I will look back to 2016 and say to myself, that Randi Rubenstein changed our lives. It may be hard to believe that in a few short weeks this could happen, but it is the truth. ”

— Margarita M.

“Randi was God sent. She was the perfect blend of compassion + kick ass. She was honest and hopeful. She helped me see my story and situation as empowering and amazing and pulled me out of “victim mode.” She also supported me in letting go of the things that did not matter or add to the health and happiness of our new family. Randi was the 4th professional we went to for help over the course of 3 years in chaos and although my time with her was short, she helped my family the most. I loved being able to talk with her from home and via email which took off the burden of yet another appt or place to go. I loved her written feedback and honesty. Thank you Randi so much!”

— Kelly N.

“My 19 year-old daughter and I had a very difficult year and our relationship was deteriorating. I was desperate for help and believed that seeing a therapist could help our relationship get back on track. Thankfully I changed my direction and consulted Randi instead. My daughter and I are now in a great place!! I’m now able to see life through my daughter’s perspective. (This was a stretch for me since she is a product of divorce and I am not.) After meeting with Randi I realized how selfish my “me” thinking had been. Now I focus on the beautiful relationship God has blessed me with as well as think of my daughter and her struggles to please 2 sets of parents. She is on a journey that I am blessed to be on with her!”

— Julie B

“I accomplished more with Randi in two sessions than I did in a whole year of therapy in regards to the relationship with my mother.

Randi is equally helpful in other aspects of life. She used her same techniques to counsel me through a relationship with a partner. She empowered me to step out of the perspective and “story” I’d created surrounding the situation and see it for what it was. Just a “story”.

Randi is the real deal. If you’re hurting or struggling she’ll help you. I promise. ”

— Megan S

“After taking CPG (Close the Parent Gap) Basics, my household is calmer and we have better conversations! The most significant change is that I AM SLEEPING!!! After 2 1/2 years of sleep deprivation, I learned a better approach with my son and he has better nights than ever before. I also learned about empathy and that has been a real game changer.”

— Annette, mom of 2 and 1/2 year old son and 5 year old daughter

“I have always known I wanted to be a mother but I had no idea what it would take to raise a happy child. Working for Randi has been a blessing in my life because I have learned so much on how to raise the happy child that I now have. I decided to adopt the way she does things with her kids; things like good eating habits; sleep schedules; on how to read tantrums and not take it personally but to understand what the frustation on the child is saying; and so much more. Randi has been a great guide In my journey as a mom, and the best of all is that I have learned most of it by her example.”

— Wendy B.

“I’m a mother of 3 girls, 19, 9 and 4 years of age. I found parenting fairly easy until I met my middle child. My family had been searching for answers for over 9 years about ‘why and how’ our middle child was so different from the other two. I immediately realized after speaking with Randi at Apparent Coaching that we were not alone and that we just needed to understand her voice. Randi framed things in a way for me that made so much sense. We were instantly able to understand what our middle child was trying to tell us and we could now recognize she was coming from a different place! The information and tools I received from Randi were invaluable! We were able to immediately put this information into action and we have a happier 9 year old and more peaceful household because of this. I cannot speak highly enough about Randi’s professionalism, insight and approach!”

— Michelle L. Mother of 3 (Brisbane, Australia)

“I have a loving and supportive husband and two young children that are as good as they can be at their ages. I’m lucky enough to be able to stay home with them and be a huge part of their day-to-day lives. To any outsider, it would look like I had the perfect life and that I had my sh*t together. But something was “off”. Something was keeping me from being as happy as I should and could be in the great life that I have. I knew that “thing” was my weight. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I’m an expert dieter and can lose 20lbs very easily because I’m great at following a program. But as fast as the weight comes over, the quicker it comes back on. You see, as good as I am at following the diet is as bad as I am at maintaining the weight loss. For reasons I didn’t fully understand or recognize, I was self sabotaging myself.

Randi was able to help me bring to the forefront many things that I didn’t realize I was already thinking or believing. I became my most vulnerable self when talking with Randi because she made me feel comfortable in a safe environment. While I still have a ways to go with my weight loss, Randi helped me realize that it’s not the number that is important but it is the way I feel about myself. She has helped me make many other positive changes in my life such as changing my routine in order to make my daily life work even better for me and my family. Those changes were things I never thought I needed but they made a world of difference. My husband noticed and appreciated the changes and I saw myself not losing my cool with my children as frequently because things were more balanced. I feel like I’m finally on the path I should be on and that is because of Randi and her Chaos to Calm program.

Connecting with Randi weekly via phone, email, or in person for 12 weeks set me up on my road for success. I’m learning to say no more often (or rework my plans) and really commit myself only to the things that are going to affect my life positively. I started working with Randi because I wanted to lose weight and I knew a traditional diet wasn’t going to work for me, but Randi ended up teaching me so much more than just leading a healthy food lifestyle. She helped me learn how to lead a physical, emotional, mental, and healthy lifestyle. Randi truly believes in her work and in her clients. She is one of my biggest supporters and allies. It is because of her that I know I will finally be able be the best version of myself and live the best version of my life!”

— Lindsey C.

“Before working with Randi, I was at my wits end. I felt like I had lost control of the environment surrounding my family, an environment I prided myself on working so hard to create. The once nurturing environment had spun out of control and I had no idea how to stop the madness. You see, I had done my research (so much research), I knew exactly what needed to be done. I advise other parents on these techniques all of the time. But, somehow, it wasn’t happening. I couldn’t make it work. Watching my kids play had become a constant battle, family dinners were not even close to being a bonding experience, and daily interactions with my kids were starting less than desirable (lots of yelling, lots of stress). And, to make matters worse, I felt like a total failure as a mother and a wife. How could I have brought a child into the world that seemingly lacked every quality of empathy and kindness possible? That certainly wasn’t modeled for her. Where did this come from? It didn’t make sense. My frustration turned into anger and disappointment in myself. There was definitely no light at the end of the tunnel. We tried professional help, but that only took care of part of the problem.

Randi came into my life through a recommendation from a friend. I thought, “what the heck, it can’t get worse, might as well give it a try”. Of course, my husband was skeptical at first, especially knowing that we had poured so much money into this situation already with no long-term results. We didn’t have the extra money to spend on this. But, I am happy to say that both of us feel that this was some of the best money we ever spent.

Randi helped me realize the roots of the issues affecting our family and my ability to be a present parent. She gave me real life pointers and examples that were easy to implement and helped me see the real cause of the problem. Now, I am happy to say that most days my family feels like a family again (not every day, of course, we are normal). But, we can sit and eat dinner together, play together, laugh together. The nurturing and trust that was gone is now back. My husband and I like each other more (more like he likes me more because I am back in control of myself). I have learned that each of my kids needs their own parenting techniques. And, I can see the wonderful qualities each of them possess as individuals and how those qualities are brought together to make our “team” work. I can recognize when things are heading back to where we were before and quickly turn the boat around. We have enjoyed some of the best months together as a family since working with Randi. I am better for it, my husband is picking up on what I learned and is able to use it, and my kids are in such a better place.

I have my family back thanks to Randi!”

— Elizabeth E

More Happy Families…

“What I’ve learned since the first meeting with Randi is more valuable than my 2+ years working with psychologists. I started off my summer one second away from medicating my middle child and my oldest had transient motor tics. I haven’t seen a tic in my oldest in quite some time and he is more relaxed and happier and CHILL.

My middle is HAPPY, smiling and our relationship is improving by the day. He is finally letting me touch him, kiss him and hug him more which means more to me than anything. He used to hit me (a year ago) if I tried to touch him. My biggest shift of mind has been seeing his perspective and giving him empathy, where before I was frustrated and confused by his behaviors. Seeing his point of view makes him feel safe and connected and YOU taught me that. I am excited about learning more from you and I can’t thank you enough.”

— Lexi R., Mama bear of 3 boys, Houston, Texas

“I learned how important it is to take care and regulate our own emotions. Kiddos are watching how we respond.”

— Carolyn Denneu



“It’s important to really work through (do exercises i.e. journaling) where my triggers are coming from and to not match my children’s emotions when trying to teach them to calm down and to remember that they are not logical adults 🙂 ”

— Rachel Hollister

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