Ready to create a peaceful household?

- Sick of merely SURVIVING the day to day?

- Ready to create a life that feels like you’re all truly THRIVING?


Take your family from surviving to thriving by joining our exclusive VIP parent mastermind (read below to find out all the deets!)

I’m Randi, the founder of Mastermind Parenting, a neuroscience inspired behavior program that helps parents stay calm during button pushing moments with your kids so that you can support them in becoming the absolute best versions of themselves.

On my journey with my own strong willed kiddo, I discovered something amazing that totally transformed my household, my children and most importantly, MYSELF.

Here’s the secret that no one’s talking about: the old parenting methods DO.NOT.WORK. in our modern world, and our most challenging kiddos are here to “inspire” us to learn a better way.

The more we attempt to threaten, punish and control them, the more our most “outspoken” kiddos dig in their heels.

If you’re here, you probably already know that.

So you might be wondering, what does?!

Let me give you 3 things:

1. Mastermind Parenting

Our kids are over-stimulated in a way that we never were. They are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and it’s no wonder really that our highly-sensitive (strong-willed) ones are constantly on the edge of an outburst. What our kids really need is for us to become the adults we hope they grow up to be!

2. Leadership Communication

I’ve not yet met a Mama whose number #1 goal wasn’t to be a good and kind parent. But our anxiety for our kids to be happy all the time impacts the way we speak and stops us from being the pack leader they need.

3. Mastering Your Mind

Did you always swear you’d never repeat the mistakes your parents made? And yet one day you opened your mouth and out came your mother?! I hear ya! Your #1 priority needs to be mastering your mind, so that you can close the gap between the parent you want to be and the parent you show up as when you’ve had 3hrs sleep and your kid is pushing your buttons.

Join Basics Bootcamp

Mastermind Parenting offers a uniquely tailored parenting playbook in our ultimate VIP white glove 1:1 experience. The Mastermind Parenting “dream team” (Randi, Lindsey & Amanda) works together to coach and guide you through a personalized roadmap specific to your family’s journey. And of course, the goal is to reach even the most challenging kids, while also helping you become a connected family that truly gets along!


  • A family that actually enjoys each other including traveling and getting along so you can call it a vacay and not a trip
  • We start with getting your strong willed kid outta defense zone…because you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child
  • You do this by learning to solve any problem through the N.I.C.E. wings in our BASICS 12 WEEK BOOTCAMP

This experience is $1997

12 week Basics Bootcamp includes:

  • A hand holding experience through Mastermind Parenting (MMP) Basics
  • A VIP experience directly with Randi where she’ll intensively coach you and your partner through 3 scenarios in one day (other parents say it’s  the equivalent of a year in marriage counseling)
  • Direct access to Lindsey, the MMP membership manager, where she’ll collect your assignments for accountability, hold your hand through the tech and content and nurture you in a way you deserve to clear overwhelm
  • Laser sessions throughout the 12 weeks with Mastermind Mentor, Amanda (aka, “The Kid Whisperer” and pediatric OT)
  • You’ll also have access to our super convenient private app so all your trainings are EXTREMELY mobile friendly
  • Text support where weekly trainings and assignments are sent directly to you so you stay on track
  • Access to our MMP weekly coaching calls to experience the magic of group coaching and Randi & Amanda in action
  • Access to our MMP private FB group with ongoing convos and coaching on strong-willed kiddo scenarios

Just look at what these
Masterminders have to say…


1. What is Basics Bootcamp?

It’s the private membership parenting tribe, where everyone has at least one strong-willed kiddos.  We’ve all figured out that therapy alone is not enough to help these kids. We’re fed up with traditional resources and are ready to dig in and finally give our kids the support that will help them feel and do better.

The “digging in” consists of:

  • Community and a group of peers who won’t judge or make you feel like your kid is abnormal
  • A content library of practical tools, tips and private trainings that really work – it’s all accessible from a private app only available in the Mastermind and fully accessible from your mobile device
  • Weekly coaching sessions as well as a space to ask questions 24/7 so you never have to wait to get the support you need
  • Private coaching available within the Mastermind by a licensed OT and certified Mastermind Parenting Coach
  • An intimate experience – Randi prides herself on getting to know each member that invites her into their “home”. You’ll be shocked at her ability to remember crazy details about your life. You’ll feel seen and heard and understood like never before!
  • A variety of resources that will help you communicate with your strong willed one in a way they can actually hear

We have nearly 100 families in our tribe. I love our Mastermind family, and you will too!

2. Who’s it for?

Basics Bootcamp is for those who want regular guidance, coaching, motivation, inspiration and support to FINALLY have a family that gets along and feels deeply connected. Need some help staying out of overwhelm so you don’t scream your head off and accidentally damage your most important relationships during these unsteady times? Need people to cheer you on that also happen to be smart and funny and driven and awesome…Just. Like. You? We’ve got you!

3. What if I fall behind?

That’s not possible. Because our community has a no tolerance policy for bullsh!t like parent shaming, judgment or living vicariously through your kids’ accomplishments, everyone supports one another and goes at your own pace. There is never behind.

Remember, perfection is the enemy. You don’t have to do it all—or all at once! The content and community will be waiting for you, on good days and bad, whenever you would like to enjoy it. Consider it a lovely library of resources to support your most important role in life, being a committed parent.

4. How much does it cost to join?

Basics Bootcamp is $1997 or 3 payments of $350. This is life changing work and it’s only for those that are truly committed.

5. What happens after I join?

We’ll send you an email within hours and get you set up to begin learning immediately. You will be oriented immediately as you explore the library of content and the conversations in the community.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and give every member more love and support than you can probably imagine. We believe in honesty, integrity and total transparency.

6. How do I access the materials?

We have a Mastermind Parenting app members only, and we’ll also invite you to our private community on 2 different easy to use platforms. You can log in from your phone, tablet or computer. You will need an internet connection to access the full materials, though you will be able to download some content for offline use.

7. Is Facebook a necessary part of Basics Bootcamp?

We encourage you to join the Facebook group, where the majority of our members connect. But, for those of you who prefer not to be on Facebook, all of your monthly materials are accessible within the app—no Facebook needed!  We also use another cool app to engage in ongoing convos that is NOT social media. So don’t worry, we got you no matter what your preference of connecting.

8. What if I join Basics Bootcamp then decide it isn’t right for me?

We’d hate to see you go but if you have extenuating circumstances or feel Basics Bootcamp is not right for you, we will work with you and allow cancellation. You will sign a 1 year contract so any request to terminate the contract needs to be received by us in writing. *Our members really don’t leave or break contracts because we don’t attract flakey people. And because our main core value is to show up excellently and with integrity as a company, our members are happy campers!

9. What if I have more questions?

Simply email us at or schedule a call here to get in touch with a Mastermind Parenting Coach. We’d love to help!