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Mastermind Parenting VIP BASICS:

12 Weeks of Intense, Individualized Parent Coaching

for Families with Strong Willed Kids

If you’re reading this, you’re searching for something – anything – to help you with your amazing and exhausting, brilliant and impossible strong-willed kid.

Like many of us, you’ve looked for answers in parenting books, countless internet articles, self study digital programs, and resources recommended by teachers or pediatricians.

But you haven’t yet found support that actually helps.

You know you need something more personal. More intense. Extra-ordinary, because you are parenting an extra-ordinary child. No more “tips” and “tricks” and “hacks” – you need HELP.

When I was trying desperately to connect with my hard-to-reach son, that is what I needed too.

In the Mastermind Parenting VIP BASICS, I’ve created for you the support that I was searching for. It’s twelve weeks of intense, private coaching that will help you heal your family dynamics, transform your household’s energy, and become the parent you really want to be.

Mastermind Parenting | The Tools Your Family Needs To Get Along

The Mastermind Parenting VIP BASICS offers you deeply supportive resources:

Expert Eyes and Ears: You’ll work closely – often daily – with the MMP team, including founder Randi Rubenstein. You’ll have personalized support beyond your wildest dreams, and you’ll quickly learn to defuse tension, manage meltdowns, and open loving communication channels with your kid.

A Whole New Language: Right away, you’ll learn innovative, effective ways to talk with your difficult kid in a way they can actually hear.

Mastermind Parenting Tools: We’ll help you to gradually learn a confidence-building, cycle-breaking parenting skill-set. Yes, it’s intense, but we teach you in a way that eases rather than adds to your overwhelm.

Beautiful Non-Judgmental Community: You’ll discover you are not alone in our amazing community of Mastermind Parents. With access to group coaching calls and conversation forums, you’ll discover the power of Randi’s group coaching – a surprise fan favorite!

All these resources are available through simple, easy-to-access apps, so support is always at your fingertips.

Mastermind Parenting VIP BASICS might be for you if:

You’re blessed and stressed with a strong-willed kid, and the regular parenting advice out there isn’t cutting it.

You’re like a dog with a bone when it comes to finding out HOW to finally help your kid feel and do better.

You’re scratching your head about why your brilliant child seems more difficult than friends’ and neighbors’ kids.

If you’re honest, you don’t like your kid on most days and hate even reading those words.

You often feel like you’re failing at your most important job.

You love your parents, but also see the ways in which you didn’t receive the parenting you needed. You’re determined to do better, but don’t have a great model to work from.

When you’re at the end of your rope - which is often - you find yourself yelling or withdrawing, micromanaging or numbing. And this isn’t the parent you want to be.

You’re sick of worrying that you might be screwing up your kids, and imagining the future repercussions.

You’re so tired of trying to do it alone, and curious about what could change if you had the right support.

You’ll notice we don’t specify any ages or diagnoses here. The Mastermind Parenting community includes parents with kids of all ages. We help with tantruming or terrified toddlers, acting-out or super-shy elementary schoolers, frosty or raging teens.

Also, your investment in Mastermind Parenting includes support for both parents. We love to help your co-parent get onboard, because we know this leads to a much quicker and easier transformation in your household dynamic.

Want to work with me and the MMP team?



VIP Basics includes:


Private coaching with MMP founder, Randi Rubenstein (often daily!), so that you get an infusion of expert perspective and support


Personalized guidance and coaching through our MMP Basics Curriculum, so that you develop your new parenting skillset in an immediately relevant way


Direct access to Lindsey, our MMP membership manager, who will help to cheer you on, hold you accountable, make sure you’re never overwhelmed with tech or content, and help you find specific resources to address whatever issues are arising


Powerful, eye-opening, and deeply comforting weekly group coaching on Wednesdays, 11:30-12:30 CT and Thursdays, 11-12 CT


Discussions with like minded parents in our private FB group as well as another non-social media forum


Exclusive access to the MMP private podcast and the MMP app, so that it’s simple to access


A hard copy workbook mailed to your home, because school supplies are fun

Interested? Your next step is to fill out this application and Lindsey, our MMP membership manager will follow up with you ASAP. If it seems like we are a fit, in a warm yet frank, no-pressure conversation, she’ll answer all your questions. Together the two of you can determine whether VIP Basics is the best fit for you.



The biggest shift has definitely been my behavior and how I handle situations, and I don’t feel hopeless and overwhelmed anymore. My 5-year-old highly sensitive child hasn’t even had a true meltdown in a few weeks, probably, and they used to be almost every day. When my 3-year-old was having a tantrum, my 5-year-old even said “mommy doesn’t respond to tantrums until you’re calm.” I try to let the kids problem solve together when they both want a toy, we use timers a lot. So much progress made here since April! I’m looking forward to continuing!

Ali G.

There are a lot of parenting programs, coaches, blogs, podcasts and books out there! I have bought, engaged with, listened, read, and highlighted my way through many of them. Some are good, but few are great! Mastermind Parenting is great! Randi brings a rare combination of expertise, original and carefully curated resources, real-world experience, humility and authenticity to her program. Being with Mastermind Parenting has been a true agent of change in my family AND my life. The kind of deep enduring changes that impact the present and the future generations of your family. To me this is priceless and I am grateful.

Andrea A.

Randi is BEYOND amazing and has far exceeded our expectations of what we sought to get out of a parenting class.

She has allowed us to see the world through new perspectives and parents from a place of calm, love, and connection.

Her tools have not only improved our relationship with our kids, but have also allowed us to connect and grow in our marriage and work life.

Kerri J.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support and for sharing your life and stories.

I feel blessed to be part of it and to learn and grow alongside you.

I am a better version of myself because of this group and so thankful for that.


I just wanted to tell you all that I truly believe that what you focus on grows. I’ve been listening to Randi Dunn-Rubenstein say it for a while, but it occurred to me in the last day or so how true it is. Before we started basics, my strong-willed kiddo was so difficult all the time. But when we started basics and my husband and I shifted the focus from correcting what he was doing wrong to working on how we showed up as parents, everything changed. I am not saying any of us are perfect (far from it) but we spent years in therapy focusing on him and his misbehavior once we took the spotlight off of “fixing” him and shifted our perspective and how we relate to him his whole demeanor shifted. Kind of crazy! Thanks for reading.

Aryn L.

I never knew there could be so much joy in the HARD. I am the type that grew up seeking the easy.

Randi has said to lean into the hard so many times, which I resisted until it became impossible not to surrender to it due to life circumstances.

Being in it has made me more present and grateful. So thankful for this community and for becoming a more grateful, present and kind human.

Erika M.

Big mind shifts are happening for me! It's amazing once I decided to focus on some areas and stop some behaviors that made a difference.

2019 Mantra: Decide. Commit. Do.
Looking back, I never 100% committed to the changes.

The changes feel SO good and have been surprisingly easier than I expected. 🙂

Nikki O.


What is VIP Basics?

It’s a 12 week experience where Randi and her team provide you with a personalized coaching program to end destructive cycles and find peace within your family. We’ve all figured out that therapy alone is not enough to help a strong willed child. Like many of us, you may be fed up with books, online parenting programs and traditional medical resources. You are ready for something more expansive and all encompassing.  This intensive private experience is about helping your whole family to feel stronger and do better.

The “expansive experience” consists of:

  • Private coaching (often daily) by MMP founder, Randi Rubenstein
  • White Glove Support from Randi and her MMP team involving lots of hand holding to help you out of overwhelm and into your amazingness
  • Community and a group of parent peers who won’t judge or make you feel like your kid is abnormal.
  • Weekly training, handouts, tools and tips that really work—curated and delivered in a way that won’t add to your overwhelm. And it’s all accessible from a private app and from your mobile device.
  • A variety of proprietary MMP resources that will help you communicate with your difficult kid in a way they can actually hear.

Who’s it for?

VIP Basics is for those who want guidance, coaching, motivation and support to FINALLY enjoy each other as a family. Need some help staying out of overwhelm so you don’t act like a lunatic and accidentally damage your relationship with your kids? Need people to cheer you on that also happen to be smart and funny and driven and awesome…Just. Like. You? We’ve got you!

When will I interact with Randi?

All the damn time! You’ll work directly with Randi and her MMP dream team for 12 luxurious weeks.  Randi also coaches members on our Zoom group coaching calls every Wednesday and Thursday. (The group coaching is often a surprise fan favorite. Being a fly on the wall of a fellow parent’s coaching scenario is a rich opportunity for powerful learning.) All calls are recorded and easily accessible on our app, as well as on our private podcast, and in your weekly Sunday Mastermind Parenting emails.

What if I fall behind?

That’s not possible. Everyone supports one another and you’ll go at your own pace. There is never “behind”. 

Randi believes in a no shame policy. She is fiercely protective over the MMP community and has a no tolerance policy for judgment, parent competition or any feeling  of “not-enough-ness”.

How much does it cost to join?

VIP Basics is a “boutique” private coaching program. Please call for pricing. This is life-changing work, and it’s only for those that are truly committed to changing the relationships in your family forever.

*MMP is Randi’s boutique coaching practice: Think small cool local neighborhood boutique where you get amazing service rather than a mainstream department store experience where you’re on your own to get what you need.

What happens after I join?

We’ll send you an email within hours with instructions on how to begin learning immediately. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and give every member more love and support than you can probably imagine. We believe in honesty, integrity, and total transparency.

How do I access the materials?

We have a private MMP app available to members only, and we’ll also invite you to our private community on two different easy-to-use platforms. You can log in from your phone, tablet or computer. We will also send you texts for convenient “on the go” learning. You will be able to download some content for offline use as well.

Is Social Media a necessary part of the Membership?

We encourage you to join the Facebook group, where the majority of our members connect. But, for those of you who prefer not to be on Facebook, all of your materials are accessible within the app—no Facebook needed! We also use another cool app to engage in ongoing conversations that is NOT social media. So don’t worry, we got you no matter what your preference of connecting.

What if I join VIP Basics, then decide it isn’t right for me?

We’d hate to see you go, but if you have extenuating circumstances or feel VIP Basics is not right for you, we will work with you and allow cancellation. You will sign a contract, so any request to terminate the contract needs to be received by us in writing. *Our members really don’t leave or break contracts because we don’t attract flakey people. And because our main core value is to show up excellently and with integrity as a company, our members are happy campers! If you have any questions, book a free call here: