You’re In!

In the 30 day Crash Course, we’ll set the foundation to solve any problem big or small with your strong willed one. It’s time to start having fun as a family again!

Last time we checked, no child in the history of childhood ever learned anything from a lecture…EVER.

It’s time to stop repeating methods that simply don’t support our mission: Growing the family we’ve always DESERVED!

Over 30 days, you’ll receive daily “bite-sized” trainings via text message, and weekly emails, that cover the basic foundation of our Mastermind Parenting approach; everything from typical human development to your child’s specific temperament; from empathy to assertive communication/pack leadership; from setting boundaries to enforcing consequences.

This is how you’ll take your family from surviving to thriving in 30 days!

At Mastermind Parenting, we believe every human DESERVES to have a connected family that gets along.

Here’s just a few of the topics we will cover each day.

Become the CEO of Your Family
Model The Behavior You Want
P.E.T (Present Engaged Time)
Sleep Training
Picky Eating
Don’t Be a Fixer
Calming Morning Madness
Productive Conversation
Anger vs. Rage
Sibling Rivalry
Establishing Boundaries and Consequences

It’s time for your child to feel safe.

Hi, I’m Randi Rubenstein – Owner and Founder of Mastermind Parenting.

I like to say, “I help parents know how to solve ANY problem with their kids productively.” Whether that problem consists of kiddo that refuses to go to bed or stay in bed; eat the food you took the time to prepare or pick up :); put their shoes on and get out the door without drama; keep their hands to themselves and stop hurting their brother…you get the gist.

As an author, podcaster, and founder of Mastermind Parenting, I’m on a mission to share my recipe with every parent that raises their hand and is ready to create the family and life they’ve always wanted.